Dentistry Toys: Play and Smile

It may only be August, but before you know it, the holiday season will be here. Stores are already pushing Halloween products, and soon afterward, the winter holiday rush will come out! That means it’s time to start thinking about toys and presents for the kiddos. Have you ever considered getting your child dentistry toys?
Now, I’m not suggesting you give a toothbrush to your child and try to pass it off as a toy, although toothbrushes make great stocking stuffers. I am talking about real toys that let your child role play as the dentist! Keep reading to learn more about these toys, how they can help your child, and why it’s important to emphasize the importance of dental health while your child is young.
What Dentistry Toys Are
A quick search on Amazon shows you just how many different versions of dentistry toys there are available. Some are hard plastic, while others are made of wood, but basically all set come with a pretend patient with teeth. One kind even includes clay, allowing your child to fill in cavities or remove teeth entirely. However, they all encourage your child to care for the pretend patient’s smile.
Why You Should Consider Getting Dentistry Toys
What makes dentistry toys so special? Why would one of these kits be a good idea for your child?
As with regular medical doctor kits and other pretend play toys, dentistry toys allow your child to imagine themselves as a professional dentist. They can explore the possibilities in this field and even develop a desire to become one someday.
On the other hand, getting more familiar with dentistry instruments could also be beneficial for children who have dental anxiety. Practicing and being the dentist themselves can help them realize that the dental care is not something to be feared and that the dentist can be trusted.
Why Early Education and Exposure Matters
Perhaps you are thinking that you can postpone teaching your child about the dentist until they are older or better able to understand and communicate. Think again! Oral care and regular dental visits should start basically from toddlerhood. These early visits are primarily meant to familiarize your child with the office and people, helping them learn that it’s a comfortable place to be.
Studies have shown that children who learn dental habits, like visiting the dentist, early in life are more likely to continue them into adulthood, and positive early memories of the family dentist can lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles!
This holiday season, instead of giving your child a run-of-the-mill toy, think about something that can be fun and educational at the same time. And if they need to visit the dentist, get this visit done before the end of the year!

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