Fashion Designers – What Have They Really Given Us

The history of fashion is the history of its fashion designers, each remembered best for the innovations or new styling that he or she has brought to the industry.Who can think of Chanel without her No. 5 perfume, or Fortuny without his ‘Delphos’ gown or Givenchy without his ‘Sack’ dress? Mary Quant will always be associated with the miniskirt, just as Pierre Cardin will be with the ‘maxi’ and Hermes with scarves and handbags.Just as glamour is synonymous with Valentine, Balenciaga and James, casual lifestyle dressing is inherent in the designs of Armani and Lauren. How can we ever think of jeans without remembering Levi’s, or men’s underwear without thinking about Calvin Klein?Fantasy is synonymous with exotic Poiret, theatrical Galliano and Treacy’s lavish hat creations, while tradition and longevity are the mainstays of Carrier jewelers, Kari Lagerfeld, and the House of Pucci.Fashion has always been a product of its times and must be viewed within a broader cultural context. This context considers the fashion designers’ different ethnic and social backgrounds, changing social mores and attitudes, technological advances and the impact of economic and political events upon fashion trends.There are four areas of fashion design to consider when talking of designers: haute couture; pret-a-porter; contemporary avant-garde; and accessories. Haute-couture (high-fashion) designers are considered the very best, governed in Paris by the Chambre Syndicate de la Couture, fashions trade union, which determines who may be called an ‘haute couturier’.There are currently only 18 official haute couture fashion houses in Paris. Pret-a-porter or ready-to-wear designers mass-produce their fashion ranges instead of creating unique and exclusive ‘one-off’ models. Some designers produce both an haute couture line and a ready-to-wear line and, today, numerous designers offer a diffusion line – an associated brand of less expensive clothing.Over the years, there have been many fashion designers whose work defies classification. These are the designers who have pioneered new styling, techniques and ideas about fashion – in other words, they have broken traditions, smashed conventions and offered clothing that previously would not have been considered serious fashion apparel. These are the contemporary avant-garde designers.

Homeward Bound With Your Own Home Business

You are surveying the landscape for a business opportunity to utilize your creative talents. Well, look no further than the end of your front and back yard. Your opportunity lies within those two confines: your home. It is from there that you can successfully plan and run a home business that will reward your diligent labor.Today, with downsizing in corporations a reality, people are exploring alternatives to traditional work. While a big step, deciding to take the plunge and work from home can pay big dividends.Maybe you have always desired your own home business; why not make the New Year a year of change. Why not pursue that idea you have kept tucked in the back of your mind. Understand, of course, that it is not wise to just quit your day job and leap into a home business. You can, at the very least, though, begin the necessary planning to get the process going.January 1st often brings about reflection. We look back on our lives: what we have done; what we are doing; what we have failed to do. The New Year is an opportunity to pursue your dreams. The dream of operating your own business may become a reality this coming year.What can you do now, to turn that dream into a reality? First off, I am assuming that you have concluded that a home business is right for you. If you have concluded it is, then decide exactly which one you want to operate.What are your interests? What do you like doing, so that when you are doing it, it does not feel like work? Remember, you devote a lot of time to your home business opportunity. You may as well be spending all that time doing something you love. Give this careful thought before making your final decision.Also consider whether your business decision is financially feasible. If your hobby is making replicas of famous horticulturists out of belly-button lint, you have to consider if there is a market for it. Do not devote your energies to a dead idea. Then again, study your potential market. Maybe you have uncovered a niche market of people starving for the aforementioned figurines. Do some homework to find out whether your business is going to earn you money.Many popular home businesses in the 21st century revolve around services. Are you a number cruncher? Many people run home bookkeeping services out of their humble abode. There are neophytes with a few college courses under their belt to experienced practitioners doing this work from home. It is a great opportunity for professional accountants and bookkeepers who are weaning themselves away from the corporate environment. To tally on a calculator from the comfort of their home office can be a new found joy.Maybe you are a repair whiz. You love tinkering with appliances, gadgets, lawnmowers, small motors and big engines. Put out the shingle and have potential customers visit you at home. Providing, of course, that zoning laws allow you to do this where you live. Consider any permits needed. Remember your neighbor Cliff and the fines he faced for running his own nuclear waste disposal business without one!Many other popular home business ideas revolve around creating. Are you good with your hands? A crafts person when it comes to woodworking, pottery, sewing? A home business utilizing these skills may provide a wonderful source of income for you.Also, consider whether you want your home business to be a full-time or a part-time venture. If part-time, then judge yourself accordingly. Do you need to continue working full-time or are you going to reduce your outside job to part-time? Will your employer allow you to do so? If not, do you have to relinquish your full-time job and secure a part-time job elsewhere? These are all things you must consider.Therefore, the New Year awaits you. You have a chance to do what you have always wanted to do: be your own boss. Do the work necessary to make it a reality. It is a completely new ballgame for you. The opportunity is there to hit a home run in your new home business.

How To Start a Home Business and Make Massive Profits

How would you like to have a dynamite home business that experienced massive profits? I am here to tell you it is possible. Starting a successful and profitable home based business is easy as pie. That is if you follow a 2 simple precautions.1. Choose the right business. This might sound silly. However, this is the biggest mistake that people make. And, it is the number one reason home businesses fail. Thousands of home based businesses go out of business simply because of this one issue.2. It is critical that the would-be business owner complete a Business Plan. Starting a new business without one is placing the entire investment on a crab table. Believe it or not many people honestly believe that a 90 day plan or some quick start outlined summary along with a few how-to’s is somehow a business plan. Forget that. Without a well written Business Plan a new business is doomed be it at home or not. And, again this is the one of the biggest reasons home based businesses fail.Considering starting a new home based business? Get in line and join the ranks of hundreds of thousands who are turning to this work alternative. However, instead of turning into a depressing shirt losing statistic, it’s time to begin taking the steps necessary to get these 2 major steps completed.Getting started: How to select the correct business? A business that will be a pleasure to work and provide a generous income? And, how to write a good effective business plan? A plan that will launch the new enterprise into a profit making success?There are literally hundreds of simple work-at-home businesses just pick one. They can be divided into 2 categories. 1. Your very own business with your own product or service 2. Work as in independent contractor for a MLM Network Marketing company and sell the company’s product or service. Each has advantages and disadvantages.Go with your very own, simply select a business that is your passion, something that you really enjoy. For example, if you’re an exercise nut and you love to workout. Start a personal trainer service. That might be your cup of tea. If you’re a computer whiz/ geek, a computer service (the geek squad) or a web designer might be just the thing. Or, if you like animals consider a doggie daycare, grooming or walking service? Each one of these businesses can be run from home successfully.Other businesses include: child daycare service, floral/plant service for offices and hospitals, pooper-scooper service, answering service, vending machine service, homemade soap, lotions and potion, mobile windshield/tire repair service, dress maker, alterations, researcher, freelance writer, business card and letterhead designer, courier, shut-in/shuttle service, landscaping service, carpenter, pool cleaning service, garage sale and flea market vendor, private investigator, typing service, interior decorator/designer, wedding consultant, hot lunch/snack vendor, pet grooming service, catering service, media production, flower arrangements, graphic artist, mobile nail technician/ hair stylist, mobile message technician, advertising consultant, companion service. And the list goes on.Then there is Multi-level-Marketing (MLM) often called Social Networking? There are literally hundreds of MLMs and they are growing. MLMs offer the work-at-home entrepreneur ready made products and/or services. No need to manufacture, test market, develop or invent. No need for company branding. However, on the down side, MLMs have been shrouded in negativity. Many people tend to think MLMs are pyramid schemes or something totally negative. And, rightly so.Many illegal pyramid schemes have hidden behind the mask of of being an MLM. This charade has confused and robbed thousands of unsuspecting investors and consumers. Today MLMs are legal and they are truly and honestly the best way to earn a fantastic (residual) income. However, you should still be on your guard.How do you tell the difference between a legitimate MLM and a rip off Pyramid Scheme? Exactly what should you look for? Do your homework. It is important that you know how to tell a good deal from a hook. Honestly, there are hundreds of excellent, powerful and legal MLMs with quality products and services out there.Now that you have an idea of what you would like to do. It is also very important to complete a business plan. A bona fide business plan. A plan that you could take to a Bank or an accountant. That would not be a 90 day plan/Quick start outline. It is a well thought out and well prepared document.A good Business Plans considers operating costs, ‘target market’, investment, rate of return, schedules etc. Are there actually people out there who need what it is you want to sell or provide (service(s)?. Where are they and how will you find them?For example, your passion is making baby booties. You decide to go into your home business making baby booties, let’s call it the Baby Bootie Bonanza. Exactly how much is it going to cost to start up and run your business for one year?. I mean all costs, EVERYTHING (SUPPLIES, MARKETING, SHIPPING, PHONE SERVICE, STORAGE, ETC.)! What is your target market and how are you going to find them. And more importantly how much will that cost? Without a target market your new business will not be around long. And let’s not forget your rate of return. What is your rate of return going to be? When will you realize it? HOW MANY BOOTIES DO YOU HAVE TO SELL to realize a profit? A Business Plan will include all of this information and then some.This is where the rubber meets the road.